Jonny Waters and Company at Freedman’s Colony Blues Jam.
Sometimes we get so caught up in reporting the nuts and bolts of what’s happening on the Outer Banks, that we forget at the heart of any community is the quality of life–the value that the people who live and work in the towns that make up the Outer Banks put in this place we call home.
That quality of life is not easily defined or readily apparent, yet it is very real. It is an important part of why so many people visit the Outer Banks every year; it is so very important to those of us who live here.
Here are the things that go into that feeling. It is a physically beautiful place to live . . . or visit. The schools in Dare and Currituck Counties (the two main counties of the Outer Banks) are as good as any schools anywhere. Proof of that comes this weekend with a group of First Flight High School students volunteering their weekend to participate in a Model UN competition in Norfolk. Luckily, none of them have to represent North Korea. 
Even in February the event calendar keeps going. The 10th Annual Freedman’s Blues Jam is this Friday at the COA auditorium in Manteo–a cooperative effort between the Freedman’s Colony and the Dare County Arts Council. Saturday night the John Brown Trio will perform at the FFHS auditorium courtesy of the Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts. 


And next weekend there’s more of the same–more great stuff for kids to do in association with the schools; more participation from the arts; and the sense that this truly is a great place to live, work or visit.