Our new Brindley Beach office in Corolla. Better than ever.

Ttwo year to the day after a fire destroyed our Brindley Beach Vacations Corolla office we’ll be reopening with something bigger and better. We’ll be open for business at our new building this Monday, June 12.

It was June 12 of 2015 when a fire swept through our building leaving only charred ashes in its wake. Luckily no one was in the office at the time so no one was hurt.

Sometimes in disaster we learn about the true nature of people and losing our office was no exception to that rule.

We found that Brindley Beach employees have an amazing can do attitude. Rather than complain about who difficult losing our largest office just as the busiest part of the peak season was about to begin, they took a deep breath, rolled up their sleeves and got right to work, making sure our visitors had the same outstanding service they have always had.

We have always known there is something about the Outer Banks that is truly different and we witnessed first hand what an extraordinary community this is. Even some of our property management competitors came forward to help us find office space so we could keep going after the fire. That doesn’t happen everywhere and it’s a real reminder of why we treasure this community so much.

We’ll probably never know exactly what caused the fire. The most likely cause is that it began in a pile of mulch the was resting on the building—but that a guess…an educated guess based on some the information we have…but still a guess.

But we’re ready to reopen now, bigger and with more to offer. It really is as Doug Brindley, the President of Brindley Beach said right after the fire. “It will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It will be better than ever.”