Mustang Rock & Roast poster.

Rock & Roast is already one of our favorite festivals of the year, and it’s only been around for two years.

It’s simple…Rock & Roast…oysters—the rock—on Saturday day. Eastern North Carolina barbecue—the rock—on Sunday. All you can eat both days.

Oh. And two days of nonstop music.

It all happens next weekend up in Corolla at the parking lot for Mike Dianna’s Grill Room.

One thing that it’s important to know, when Mike Dianna puts on a music festival, the music is amazing. Mike is Bearded Face Productions, and he seems to do everything right.

First of all—two stages, so there is no set up time between acts. One act finishes and the next is ready to go immediately.

The Rock & Roast Lineup

And, of course, the music. And that’s where it gets really interesting. Fifteen bands in two days…that’s a lot of music. Good music, too. Invariably.

The word “eclectic” is not the kind of word that get used very often, but it’s the best word available to describe the range of music at one of Mike’s events.

Looking to merge hiphop, jazz and rock?  Friday’s headliner Motet is perfect. How about a band that blends bluegrass with rock and a touch of jazz. Again on Friday, check out Big Daddy Love.

On Saturday headliner Turkuaz brings incredibly complex vocals combined with full rich sound of trumpets, sax, keyboards and guitar to the stage. For something more straightforward, check out the rock and blues sound of Richmond’s Lord Nelson.

It’s still a little far away to know if the weather is going to cooperate, but the early signs are looking good.

The Rock and Roast is the same weekend as the Outer Banks Seafood Festival. The Festival is Saturday in Nags Head. It is possible to go to both. Seafood Festival on Saturday and Sunday the Rock part of Rock & Roast.

So much to do on the Outer Banks and it all seems to happen so fast. Reserve your Brindley Beach Vacations home and be a part of life on a sandbar.