There is something about good Southern cooking that speaks to family, comfort, friendship . . . all those things that make us feel good about where we are and the people we’re with. 

Rooster’s Southern Kitchen, which just opened in Kill Devil Hills, is all of that and maybe a little bit more.

For 25 years the restaurant had been a Western Sizzlin’ and it they did a good job. But when the franchise agreement ran out, the Woolard family, who had been running it the whole time, wanted to do something different.

Teaming up with classically trained chef, Rob Fiorello, they’ve created something that is at once traditional but different with a true flair. There are lots of traditional sounding items on the menu, but all of it has Rob’s creative touch. 

The Cuban sandwich is done with a perfectly smoked pulled pork; the Bacon ’n’ Eggs are smoked pork belly, Rob’s own deviled eggs with a pepper jelly glaze.

There are 60 beers—20 on tap and 40 by the bottle. General manager Michelle Parrish brought her own recipes for some of the signature drinks. There’s live scheduled every night during the summer . . . in short a wonderful addition to the Outer Banks dining scene.