Performing Celtic/Irish music at Sanctuary Vineyards Leprechaun.

Performing Celtic/Irish music at Sanctuary Vineyards Leprechaun.

Maybe we are getting back to normal. Slowly…very slowly, but with following some basic guidelines and a little luck, it’s looking as though that July 4 backyard gathering may really happen.

We had a little inkling of what the future seems to hold this weekend on the Outer Banks.

Saturday and Sunday Sanctuary Vineyards held a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Leprechaun…Ok, maybe it wasn’t green beer and corn beef and cabbage, but it was still fun.

Pizza from Wise Guys, which is right up the road from Sanctuary Vineyards, some wine, courtesy of the vineyard. And Celtic music.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Unfortunately the 1993 classic (?) movie Leprechaun starring a very young Jennifer Aniston could not be shown this year. It’s not a good idea to gather too many people indoors at this point. But—there is hope for next year.

Even without the movie, it was two wonderful days as the weather cooperated with plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

But there was more happening.

In commemoration of the passing of Bruce Meyers, the many largely responsible for the fiberglass beach buggy, there was a Manx on the Banks drive up the beach.

Bruce Meyers invented the fiberglass kit that would fit over a VW chassis, creating the modern beach buggy. He called his kit the Manx.

Meyers passed away at the end of February at the age of 94. To commemorate his achievements, a buggy ride up the beach was arranged on Saturday.

The ride hit the beach took the road to the Corolla Food Lion, hit the beach and drove up to the state line. Then wandered around some of the sand roads behind the dunes.

A couple of people on the ride mentioned the sun may have been out but next to the ocean it wasn’t all that warm. Downright chilly by the time they got back.

But it’s all part of a slow return to normal. Here’s hoping.

So much to do and see on the Outer Banks. Be a part of all that’s happening and stay in a Brindley Beach Vacations home.