Mallards swimming on the pond at Sandy Run Park.

Mallards swimming on the pond at Sandy Run Park.

What may be that the best part of the Outer Banks is how much there is to do outside. Events get cancelled, plans change, but on this sandbar, there is always the opportunity to head out for some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Case in point—Sandy Run Park on the Woods Road in Kitty Hawk.

It’s a small town park. A combination boardwalk and gravel path circle a fresh water pond.

That doesn’t sound like much, but people who discover Sandy Run keep coming back time and time again.

What makes the park so wonderful is how, in the space of not quite a mile—the length the path—there are so many ways to view the wonderland beauty of nature that it is astonishing.

In the spring summer and early fall, yellow-bellied slider turtles are everywhere. And an occasional snapping turtle. In the trees songbirds chirp and flit about.

But as the seasons change so does what there is to see.

Late fall into winter, migratory waterfowl, plow into the water. Then swim sedately along.

Depending on the season, the foliage changes color. Not just the leaves in the trees, but the blooming flowers and fruit are so thick in some places that it changes the color of the forest.

The boardwalk and path are level and very easily navigated making Sandy Run perfect for families. Even the littlest legs will be able to make it around the pond

The park also offers kayak and canoe docks. The pond connects with Jeanguite Creek that is part of the Albemarle sound.

There is also a catching release fishing dock.

This is a bring your camera kind of a place. Cellphone cameras will work for much of it, but a camera with a good zoom lens will get some better pictures.

Sandy Run Park is just one of many outdoor adventures calling out to be explored. It’s all part of what we love about the Outer Banks and why here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’re proud to call this our home.