A surfer rides a wave during Surfing for Autism on Saturday.

A surfer rides a wave during Surfing for Autism on Saturday.

When Saturday rolled around we seemed to find ourselves on the beach at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head just in time for the Outer Banks Surfing for Autism.

What an amazing morning was.

There was some concern about what the day would be like Friday evening when the ocean water temperature dipped to 59 degrees. But when Saturday rolled around, the water has warmed up to the mid 70s, perfect for a summer morning on the beach.

What makes the Surfing for Autism so special is the joy that is everywhere. From the squeals of excitement from the kids, to the high fives that the surfers who take the kids into the water give them, to the parents…it’s all there. All of it joyful.

What Surfing for Autism Is All About

Surfing for Autism is a day of triumph, of conquering something that many of the families and children did not think was possible. Yet there they are, riding a surfboard as the wave rolls to the shore.

Some of them tried to stand. One or two actually made it. But the real joy was in just getting into the water and learning to enjoy something new, something that for many of the kids was completely outside of anything they had done before.

There is almost as much enjoyment from watching the families of the kids in the water as there is in watching the surfers. Cellphones out, they’re filming every moment, talking to each other about how proud they are.

And it’s not just the parents.

A surfer rode a wave in with one of the kids and as soon as the board hit the sand, the boy’s brother, looked to be maybe two years older, came sprinting to his side. As proud and happy about riding a wave as the boy was, his big brother seemed every bit as proud and happy. There were high fives and a hug, and as that surfer said later, “That was a special moment.

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