Record crowd lines up for outsanding seafood at the Outer Banks Seafood Festival.

Perfect weather, a great setting at the Nags Head Event Site on Roanoke Sound, local wine, local beer, fantastic music, things for kids to do…

And fresh, local seafood prepared by some of the best restaurants on the Outer Banks. Wonderful, wonderful seafood.

It would be hard to imagine how the 6th Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival could have gotten any better. That’s not a individual opinion—that seemed to be the attitude of just about everyone who was there. And the 2017 version looked as though attendance may have been record setting.

Beyond all the fun and the great food, the Outer Seafood Festival is really about history and heritage, which is why it’s so great to see some working boats onsite.

That history and what it means to the community is an important part of the story. Before visitors came to the Outer Banks, fishing was a way of life. And even now, when thousands of visitors come to spend a week or two weeks or perhaps just a weekend, there are still Outer Banks fishermen, plying the waters of the sea and sounds, working to make a living at fishing. In many cases, the fishermen of today are fourth, fifth, sixth generation fishermen, and some of those tales range back 200 years or more.

So a celebration of what that means to the Outer Banks seems right—seems important. But it doesn’t hurt that the celebration has a distinctly party like feel to it.

Leaving the food out of it, because there was so much of it and it was so good, picking a favorite seems neater fair nor possible, here are some highlights.

The craft fair part of the festival seemed to have better quality and be more diverse than in the past. Really fun walking through the area.

And—once again we have to give big kudos to the music. Great local bands with the Crowd and Old Enough to Know Better with headliner Kevin Mac rocking the house.