Ridge Road Trail, Kitty Hawk Woods.

As a general rule, here on the Outer Banks, when we report on the weather, it usually has something to do with summer or fall. Great weather in the summer with perfect beach days; fall weather is as close to ideal as could be. There are the occasional tropical system but they’re few and far between.

A random snowfall will sneak into our coverage, but two snowfalls within a two week period? Unheard of! Unprecedented!

But it happened. And not just a little bit of snow this time.

We haven’t gotten any official total yet, but 6.5” to 9” seems to be what the range, with areas north of Kill Devil Hills getting the higher amounts.

The last snowfall was not quite as heavy. However, because it came with plummeting temperatures, roads were almost impassable for three days. 

This time, although cold and windy, the temperatures did not dip into the teens or single digits, and the salt NCDOT laid down on the main road worked wonders. It helped that daytime temperatures were above freezing today as well.

The forecast for the next few days shows a distinct warming trend, so this winter wonderland probably won’t last as long.

Still there was a remarkable beauty to the day. Trees bowed with snow, the green of pine trees a little more intense agains the white backdrop.