WRV Pro competitor at Jennette's Pier, 2017.

As we come up on the midway point in August, it’s time to start looking forward to what the fall has to offer and as surfer up and down the Eastern Seaboard know, autumn on the Outer Banks offers waves.

Of course you couldn’t tell by what we have happening right now. Except for occasional showers, it’s been two day of great conditions to go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Surfing? Not so much.

But the waves will come and with the wave there are two fantastic competitions coming up in a couple of weeks.

Mid September brings the Eastern Surf Association (ESA) finals to Jennette’s Pier—September 16-22. The competition is great as the best of the East Coast’s amateur surfers come to Nags Head.

But the pros come to town first.

August 29 to September 3 WRV Outer Banks Pro Surf Contest will also be held at Jennette’s Pier and if what we saw last year is any indication, there is going to be some great competition.

Conditions were a bit tricky last year as a series of tropical systems churned up the Atlantic. One system well offshore tends to create great swells.

In this case though, wind conditions, mixed with numerous storms created some challenging surf for competitors—but they seemed to be up to the challenge, turning in some great rides.

Hopefully the Atlantic season wont’ be as active as it was last year—signs right now is that it won’t be—but we’ll hope for something to create a nice even break come the end of the month and into September.