Another head shaved for children's cancer research ast the Outer Banks Shave Rider's event.

Another head shaved for children’s cancer research at the Outer Banks Shave Rider’s event.

Every once in a while an event comes along that is a reminder of just how generous and caring the Outer Banks community is. That was certainly the case with today’s Outer Banks Shave Rider’s at Nags Head Elementary School.

The event was a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. This St. Baldrick’s Foundation is one of the largest, if not the largest, organization funding research into childhood cancer, but that has almost nothing to do with how giving and extraordinary the Outer Banks community often is.

How the Outer Banks Shave Rider’s Began for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Two years ago Jason Johnson’s daughter, Ansley, was diagnosed with leukemia. She still struggles with the disease.

Her dad looked beyond his daughter’s struggles and felt something needed to be done beyond Ansley or himself. When he went to her school, Nags Head Elementary, to see if a St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser could be held the answer was a resounding yes.

The concept of the Shave Rider is simple—teams offer to have their head shaved for donations, and the community came through in amazing fashion. We’re not sure about a final figure yet, but somewhere around $20,000 was raised.

It was an emotional day. There was joy and laughter. And there were also conversations and discussions—discussions that helped people to see that, although not common, childhood cancer is not rare. And that even as outcomes improve dramatically there is still a long distance to go.

This type of giving is very much a part of the Other Banks community. There is, at times a remarkable feeling that we’re all in this together…that whatever differences may exist among us pales beside what we have in common.

There are other events coming up that highlight how the people of the Outer Banks believe is giving back and helping those in need. Next weekend, on Saturday, May 11 it’s Couture by the Shore—a benefit for the Outer Banks Relief Foundation

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