Sunset at Aqua Restaurant in Duck.

One of the best ways to experience the magic of the Outer Banks is to sip a drink or order a meal and sit outside by the side of the sea or sound.

Some of the legendary places of Outer Banks history are gone. The Carolinian—a marvelously seedy bar in Nags Head is now a row of beach homes; Quagmire’s, with it’s raised deck and wonderful view of the ocean has also fallen to new homes.

But if the places of legend are gone, there still remains a pretty good selection on hand so there’s no excuse for missing out.

The Pier House at Nags Head Pier and Fishheads Bar and Grill at the Outer Bnks Pier in South Nags Head sit right out over the ocean. Heck, you can feel the waves pounding on the pilings as the tide rolls in at both places. Good food too.

The Dragon Fly Deck Bar at the Ramada sits back from the Atlantic Ocean just a bit, but it is outdoors and very nice.

Same thing at the Beachside Bistro at the Sea Ranch Resort in Kill Devil Hills. It’s a nice little seating area and there is live music from time to time.

For spectacular sunsets, check out Aqua Restaurant in Duck or Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head.

The food and drink at Aqua is defiantly toward the gourmet side—excellent preparation and great presentation. Pamlico Jack’s is a little more laid back, but the food is always good, the drinks reasonably priced and cold. Both locations feature live music in the summer.