By the vernal pond, Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

A lot of times when photographers talk start talking about their best pictures, it sounds as though it takes a.) a safari team to get there; and b.) $5,000 in equipment.

Sure, better equipment helps, but knowing what a camera can and can’t do and knowing how to use it is just about as important.

The safari thing…on the Outer Banks? This is a vacation paradise. Sure there are some fairly difficult places to get to locally that offer unique perspectives, but for much less effort there are other great shots to be had.

Vernal Pond, Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Walk to the end of the Jockey’s Ridge boardwalk there will be either a large damp patch of sand or standing water. The water that is there is a vernal pond, created when ground water is forced to the surface because pf wet conditions. All around the pond is a verdant slash of greenery at odds with the stark white sides of Jockey’s Ridge.

Take lots of picture and tell people you went to some place exotic.

Sunset Over Kitty Hawk Bay

Want a spectacular sunset picture? Check out Moor Shore Road in Kitty Hawk. 

A narrow road off Kitty Hawk Road, Moor Shore parallels Kitty Hawk Bay. The view across the water is unobstructed. There’s a headland a little to the south and if positioned correctly it is possible to capture an image of the sun and the land. 

Whalehead Club, Corolla

Iconic, almost legendary for the cornucopia of great images waiting to be captured, the Corolla landmark is easy to get to and with no hills and lots of shade, a pleasure to visit.

Sunset is a popular image to capture, but a quick glance to the east reveals the beautiful brick of the Currituck Lighthouse. There is also the Whalhead boathouse, pond, bridge and the Whalehead Club itself. 

No excuse for not coming out of this one without at least one good image.