It’s hard to imagine with the beautiful soft sand of the Outer Banks extending as far as the eye can see, but at one time parts of the Currituck Banks were a heavily forested terrain. There are still remnants of that around and for anyone looking for an activity that is a little bit different, taking a hike on the Outer Banks is easy to do.

One of the most interesting trails is located a little bit before the paved section of NC12 ends in Corolla. Heading north the road takes a 90 degree bend to the right and on the left there is a small parking lot. That’s the trailhead for a trail and boardwalk that leads to the Currituck Sound.

The boardwalk is about a quarter mile long and is ideal for families with young children.

To get on the forest trail, look for the steps coming off the boardwalk about ten yards after the boardwalk begins. The trail is well-marked with blazons.

Closed toed shoes would be a good idea but hiking boots would be overkill to a remarkable degree.

What may be the easiest trail to hike was once the dirt road–it was called the Pole Road because it followed the telephone poles–that led to Corolla. It now parallels the Currituck Sound, beginning on its south end at the parking lot across from the Sanderling on the north end of Duck. It ends at the Pine Island Tennis Club.

Wide, hard packed—any bike with fat tires can manage it, the trail is perfect for joggers, walkers and families. Their are two observation platforms along the way and they are worth a quick visit. 

Insect repellant is highly (very highly) recommended.