Frozen Head and the Squirrels performing on the steps of the DCAC Gallery in downtown Manteo.

Just when we thought life on the Outer BAnks couldn’t bet much better, we had a day like we had to day.

Perfect weather—a bit warm but it was an amazing beach day. It was the evening that made this Friday so spectacular.

First Friday in Manteo was wonderful today. Some great art was on display at the old Dare County Courthouse that is now the Dare County Arts Council Gallery.  A great featured art show by local artist Jenna Saunders, but the real highlight had to be Frozen Head and the Squirrels kicking out some jams on the front steps of the Gallery.

Frozen Head is a trio—drum, bass and guitar—that takes music straight back to the beach music of the 1950s and 60s…and they do it really well. A lot of fun to listen to talented musicians who know what they’re doing.

The evening did not stop there, though.

It was just a quick jaunt over to Kill Devil Hills where they were putting on their 4th of July fireworks display tonight. The town had trouble scheduling a licensed fireworks company for the fourth, so they settled for lighting up the sky on Friday.

It seemed to work out really well. The beach was filled with spectators and the show was magnificent.

That’s a wrap, then for the Outer Banks Independence Day Week. Next year the holiday falls on a Wednesday—perfectly timed for a week on the Outer Banks.