Still a construction zone, but the new Brindley Beach building in Duck is taking shape.

It’s been an uphill battle, but Spring is winning the fight on the Outer Banks. Admittedly it’s not a balmy 65 or 70 degrees, but temperatures have struggled into the 50 and seem to be holding there. The sun is out, there were some kites flying on the beach this morning and it’s Easter weekend.
The Outer Banks shoulder seasons have been steadily growing–as we have written in a number of times in the past–but there is still something magical about Easter. Certainly there are the traditions of Easter, a time for family gatherings, church or synagogue (Passover is usually just before Easter) . . . . but more than that, it is a time when the world around us is shedding the winter doldrums and is coming alive again. 
Certainly the traffic on the Bypass makes it clear we’re not the only folks who feel that way. The traffic has really picked up, and even if the weather isn’t quite up to the usual springtime standards, there’s a lot of visitors here having a good time.
Speaking of Easter–here at Brindley Beach we’re sponsored the Easter EGG-stravaganza at the Whalehead Club Friday afternoon. It was just a fun time for everyone, with activities for kids, although we never criticize parents for helping, and a great excuse to visit Currituck Heritage Park in Corolla.
Wile we’re on the subject of fun.  Don’t forget . . . the Womanless Beauty Pageant is only three weeks away–April 20. This is must see entertainment, and all for a good cause as the ladies of the night are raising money for their favorite charity. The venue has been moved to Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head, which gives us a little more room and a better facility than the tent we had last year.
Tickets for this year’s event are $50 which includes food, open bar and plenty of laughs. For more information, call us at Brindley Beach Vacations at  252-261-2222 or 252-453-3000.
As we’re gearing up for summer, which is what a lot of the entertainment is all about, we should mention our new home in Duck is looking more and more like we envisioned it and we’re excited about being there this summer. Same location, next door to Wee Winks, but that whole strip has been torn down and three brand new–and much larger–buildings have gone up in it’s place. Parking is now behind what will be the new Wee Winks, so no more nerve-rattling backing into oncoming traffic to get out of the parking lot.
Since this is Easter weekend, it seems like a good time to mention the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) that local artist, Glenn Eure created for the Holy Redeemer Church is Kitty Hawk. Hand-carved, life sized depictions of the Good Friday story, they were donated to the church as an act of faith. At once modern yet very traditional, they are worth a visit from people of any faith.