Canadian goose taking flight at Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk.

Days don’t get much better than today. 

That’s anywhere. Certainly it was just beautiful on the Outer Banks today, but by any standards, temperatures in the mid 60s, light wind and bright sunshine make for a perfect spring day.

Everywhere we look on the Outer Banks spring is exploding. After an amazingly warm February, March came in like a lion and stayed like a lion and spring seemed a bit delayed this year. Now it seems as though Mother Nature is in a rush to make up for lost time; trees are budding and moving quickly to leaf; the sound of birds are everywhere; and the turtles are out in force at Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk.

A stroll around Sandy Run was amazing today. The budding trees were an intense springtime green. Interspersed among the green were flowering vines, their flowers ranging from darker shades of pink to a reddish brown.

An osprey soared overhead, landing delicately on on the top of a dead tree. Perched there, it surveyed the waters for food.

On the north pond two Canadian geese called out, swimming gracefully across the still waters until suddenly, disturbed by something, they took flight.

Kids lined the walkway, bread in hand, feeding the turtles, who accepted the gift but didn’t swarm toward the site, rather slowly approaching the walkway, each turtle seemed to take their turn.

The next few days look to be much of the same, a bit warmer perhaps, but no rain in sight.