Lots of strawberries ready to be picked at Mr. Malco's strawberry field.

May, on the Outer Banks, is strawberry season. 

Ok, maybe it’s also a lot of other things, but one of those small pieces of life that helps to make things so special is Mr. Malco’s strawberry fields just across the Wright Memorial Bridge in Point Harbor.

There was some doubt about whether today would be be a good day to go picking. There was rain everywhere on the Outer Banks, but it was as though the weather gods—or is that strawberry picking gods—were watching out for the tip of Currituck County. 

It was raining in Kitty Hawk, but the sun was shining six miles north on the strawberry field…and the strawberries were amazing. Sweet and juicy, it’s as though what is trucked into the local supermarket is a completely different species of fruit.

Although there are, from time to time, people who go there by themselves, picking strawberries is truly a family thing, a chance to explain to a four or five year old where food comes from and to have children experience the taste of truly fresh food. It’s not a classroom experience, but it may be as important to understanding our world as reading, writing and arithmetic. 

The Malco’s usually keep their strawberry field open until the first week in July. Later inn the summer they have had blueberries available as well.

Bring cash—it’s the only form of payment the couple accepts.