Strawberry Fields forever. Picking strawberries in Currituck County.

Strawberry Fields forever. Picking strawberries in Currituck County.

The strawberries from Mr. Malco’s strawberry patch this year may be the best he has ever grown. They’re big; they’re red; they’re juicy. And most importantly they are filled with sweetness and strawberry flavor.

The patch is about a mile past the end of the Wright Memorial Bridge on the mainland. It’s only about five acres, but on those three acres, it seems as though there are enough fresh, beautiful strawberries to feed the entire Outer Banks.

For many families who live on the Outer Banks, crossing the bridge to pick strawberries has become a part of a family tradition. As the weather turns mild and spring breezes begin to blow, the strawberry season comes along and it’s time to get out the containers and head north.

The prime strawberry season is up to Memorial Day. There will still be some left all the way into June, but strawberries don’t care for hot weather so as summer approaches the quality goes down.

What You Need to Know during Strawberry Season

Some really important information for anyone who has never stopped by to pick strawberries at the strawberry patch.

  1. Bring cash, that’s the only form of payment accepted.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of cash. The Malco’s were charging $2.50/pound when we went earlier this week. Experience has taught us that the planned 10-pound harvest always ends up being 12-15 pounds.
  3. Bring your own container or containers. Boxes are available to carry the harvest home, but there is a fee for them
  4. Do not wear white. That should be self-evident when picking strawberries.
  5. Sunscreen and water are helpful. There is no shade and it does get a bit hot at times.
  6. Bring children. It’s fun going as an adult, but there is a real joy is seeing the reaction of a child the first time they bite into a perfectly ripe, freshly picked strawberry

After the strawberry season ends, blueberry picking begins.

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