It’s kind of nice that the whole world stops on the first Sunday in February–or at least 90% of the United States–breaks out the chips, dips, beer and barbecue and watches the Super Bowl. A somewhat disappointing Super Bowl this year, unless, of course, you’re a Seahawks fan, in which case you’re giddy with victory. Or for the Broncos fans. . . we wish there was something good we could say about the game.
The Outer Banks is a lot like the rest of the country when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday; friends and family gather and cheer wildly, bars are filled with everything from randomly neutral to rabidly cheering fans–and all of it is about just having a good time.
It’s been a nice break from a couple of weeks of not so great weather. Things are certainly improving here on the Outer Banks, but we did notice that another winter storm moved through the New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey almost as soon as the game ended.

Not that we would tell anyone what to do, but we do feel we should point out that daytime temperatures for the coming weekend are forecast to be 20 degrees warmer here than in New York or Philadelphia . . . oh, and there’s no snow expected.