Surf & Sounds perform at the Duck Amphitheater.

Surf & Sounds perform at the Duck Amphitheater.

The Surf & Sounds Chamber Music Series is one one of those annual events that becomes a favorite without even realizing that it has.

Brought to the Outer Banks the third week of August the past five years by the Bryan Cultural Series, Surf & Sounds is four days of classical music at four locations on from Hatteras to Duck.

It’s hard to say what makes it so compelling. Depending on the evening the performance is either a quartet or quintet and the musicians are truly world class. The music is compelling. Not at all the typical classical pieces that are typically played.

Last night at All Saints Church in Southern Shores the program led with Beethoven’s Piano Quartet in Eb. The music was everything Beethoven is known for—compelling melody lines; big sounds.

The second selection of the evening may have been the more interesting.

Amy Beach was a late 19th to mid 20th century American pianist and composer. Forbidden to fully pursue performing or writing music for the first 40 years of her life, her Piano Quintet in F# minor was the first piece she premiered in 1908.

it is a stunning piece of music. Complex, clearly modern in the way she uses rhythms and tones, it was marvelous listening to it.

Surf & Sounds Moves to Duck

As great as the first night was though, the best of the Surf & Sounds is the visit to Duck. There is something so special about sitting outside, under the pines and listening to some of the finest music ever composed played by the very finest musician.

It was a bit windy late evening by Currituck Sound, and that did pose a bit of a problem. But clothespins on the music stands seemed to hold the music in place.

No piano for this one. A bit difficult to lug that Steinway up to the stage, but the music of the quartet was every bit as interesting.

The Edvard Grieg String Quartet No 1 in G minor had a lot in it that made worth paying attention to.

There is always something special happening on the Outer Banks. Stay with Brindley Beach Vacations for a week or two and see what life on a sandbar is all about.