Bringing surfing and film together, the Surfalorous Film Festival comes back for a second go around September 15-17.

Sponsored by the Dare County Arts Council, It’s a little difficult to explain exactly what Surfalorous Festival is. It is, of course, all about surfing and surf films. But it’s also a chance to see some amazing work that will probably never make it to the mainstream. That’s too bad, because some of these films have production qualities as good as any movie.

If last year's fare is any indication—and it seems to be—the movies will range from two minute shorts to 30 minute features films with a distinct plot, direction and very good camera work.

Admittedly the quality can be a little bit uneven, but there are always some real gems that surface. Last year El Chino was a film that was at once about surfing and the culture of surfing but it’s theme of how important it is to seek personal satisfaction in what we do transcended a basic surf film. 

The movie told the story of Jon “Chino” Wong who left his family’s grocery store in Boston’s Chinatown to make surf boards. The story was compelling and the film making professional in every sense of the word.

Hopefully they’ll be a few more like that this year.

Surfalorous will be taking place in a number of locations around the Outer Banks. Here’s the schedule.

Surfalorus Film Festival Schedule

Thursday, September 15- Outer Banks Brewing Station

Doors: 7pm Screening: 7:30pm


The Man & The Sea


Austin Keen Wakesurf

Creators: Leah Dawson

Salt Boys

Yeti Presents: The Malloy Brothers

The Wild

Surf N Turf

Feature Film: Psychic Migrations- 9pm

Friday, September 16- Dare County Arts Council

Screening: 7:00pm



Dark Waves

Taking Shape

Southeastern NC Surfing

Feature Film: It Ain’t Pretty- 8:30pm

Saturday, September 17- Front Porch Cafe in Nags Head

Screening: 4:00pm


The Adventures of Nasasa

Forbidden Trim

Saturday, September 17- Outer Banks Brewing Station

Doors: 7:30pm Screening: 8:00pm



Bruhwiler Country



Junk in Public – H2O Patrol

Light Therapy

Beauty and Chaos


Seal Sessions

The Joy of Surfing

Cold Outside: Surfing Winter


Pipe Dreams

The More Things Change

Feature Film: The Zone- 10pm