Surfing for Autism this Saturday at Jennette's Pier.

The Outer Banks has always been known as a special place for surfers and the local surfing community is huge and diverse. It’s everything part time musicians to retired business owners to everything in between.

It is a remarkable community, and not just for its diversity, rather what sets the local surfers apart is how much they care about the Outer Banks and the world around them.

There is a joy in surfing and the feeling is that should be shared, and that is what will be happening this Saturday at Jennette’s Pier—weather permitting.

Surfing for Autism made its first appearance in 2010 and it has grown every year. Participation has simple guidelines…if a parent has a child how is autistic, register and one or sometimes two surfers will put the child on a surfboard and walk then out to catch a few waves.

Watching the interaction between the surfers and the children is a wonderful reminder that sometimes the smallest gestures yield the greatest results.

What is perhaps most remarkable about the day is that it is difficult to tell who is enjoying themselves the most. 

The kids, who in many cases would never have this kind of experience without someone with the experience the surfers have? Or the surfers, who often talk about what an amazing experience helping someone enjoy one of their greatest pleasures? Or maybe it’s the parents, happy beyond measure. seeing a child smiling with pure joy?

The weather looks a bit iffy for Saturday, but if Surfing for Autism is held it will begin at 8:30 a.m.