It took a while for it to be confirmed, but North Carolina has a new state record for a bluefin tuna. Weighing in at 877 pounds, the catch was landed by retired Army General Scott Chambers, of Townsend, Del back on St. Patrick’s Day.

It was an Outer Banks catch—Capt. Dennis Endee’s A-Salt Weapon docked at Pirate’s Cove on Roanoke Island took the general out. And landing the fish included a two and a half hour battle followed by 90 minutes just to get it in the boat.

The Outer Banks catch shatters the old state bluefin record of 805 pounds. Caught on the last day of the trophy season, the fish 9’5” long and measured 79” at its greatest girth.

Caught on the last day that a bluefin tun longer than 73” can be kept, the bluefin was not the only behemoth landed this season from North Carolina waters. Beaufort reported a bluefin weighing more than 1000 pounds, but because the fish was sold to a dealer it was not eligible to be a trophy.

According to reports, General Chambers gave his friends a lot of tuna steaks and his wife has been busy creating tuna recipes.