Wanchese confronts John White in Paul Green's The Lost Colony.

Wanchese confronts John White in Paul Green’s The Lost Colony.

Maybe things are going to get back to normal. Not right away, of course, but hopefully by this summer.

The latest evidence of the may be the plans The Lost Colony is making to get the play back on stage for the 2021 summer season.

The 2020 season didn’t happen for obvious reasons. That was only the second time in the 84 year history of the production that it shut down. The other time was 1944 during WWII.

The upcoming season is going to happen with almost a completely new staff and management. When it became necessary to close the production for the 2020 season, the Roanoke Island Historical Association, the nonprofit that produces the show, had to let everyone go but two employees.

The new team brings in director Jeff Whiting with extensive credits in Broadway production and directing. Whiting also has developed software to manage stage effects, so there may be some new ways of highlighting the story of the 117 colonists.

American Indians for Roles in The Lost Colony

Not as apparent, yet important to the story, the new production team has been working to include American Indians in the play. Paul Green’s script centers is focused on the conflict between the original inhabitants and the English colonists. Having American Indian performers portray key roles is seen as important.

There have been attempts in the past to find American Indians for the roles, but finding actors with the range of skills required for the parts was difficult.

For the upcoming year, however, the Lumbee Indian Tribe in Robeson County was contacted and there is hope that the talent will be found there.

If all goes as planned, The Lost Colony is hoping to resume live performances in late May or early June. Very close to the original schedule.

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