Betsy, the newest Corolla Wild Horse foal and her mother M&M.

Betsy, the newest Corolla Wild Horse foal and her mother M&M.

Now there are three…foals that is. Three new additions to the wild mustangs of Corolla herd.

The latest addition is Betsy, a filly that was born at the beginning of the month.

Betsy was born, according to the folks at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, just about where Betsy Dowdy road her banker pony Black Bess across Currituck Sound in December of 1775 to warn Colonial troops that the British were moving to Great Bridge in Virginia in force.

The ride—more than 50 miles at night through swamp and marsh—is the stuff of legend. And it may be legend. There does not seem to be anything in the history records saying it happened. However, there is considerable subjective observation that something or someone convinced General William Skinner at Perquimans to dispatch 100 troops to reinforce the American forces holding the bridge.

So the foal Betsy comes into the world with some big expectations.

Other Foals Join the Herd

A little before Betsy joined the herd, sometime in late March, Billie was born. Also a filly, there was a little bit of concern as one of the mares insisted on being Billie’s mother even though she had not milk for her. Herd managers believe the situation has worked itself out though.

There is another foal back in the marsh, but that little guy or gal hasn’t ventured out yet and CWHF policy is to leave the herd alone as much as possible.

Three foals this early in the spring is great news. The Corolla herd has been struggling to grow. Getting an exact count is difficult but there seems to be around 115-125 horses in the herd.

What makes the Corolla herd so important is the horses in the herd are the closest genetic link we have to the Spanish Mustangs of the conquistadores. The only other herd anywhere that is as closely linked is the Shacklford Banks herd on Core Banks.

The Corolla Wild Horses are part of the magic of the Outer Banks. Experience the magic for yourself when you stay in a Brindley Beach Vacations home.