View of the Village of Duck sound side boardwalk (Town of Duck)
Of all the towns on the Outer Banks, in many ways the village of Duck has the most unique feel to it. The shopping district is pleasantly navigated on foot, there are sidewalk cafes and a wonderful town green and park. 
What truly sets Duck apart, though, is the sound side boardwalk that runs almost the entire length of the business district. That “almost” qualifier is about to change, however.
Bids closed last Friday on a 770’ extension that will take the boardwalk from where it ends now at Wings to Aqua Restaurant and Spa. Plans also call for an upgraded pier that will allow larger water craft to dock at the town. 
The boardwalk is an absolutely beautiful way to experience the outdoor setting of the village of Duck. There are a number of small boat or kayak piers, benches for rest or contemplation and an exquisite view across the Currituck Sound.
With a number of exit points to the business district, it’s a great way to explore the shops of the town.

The tentative schedule has the boardwalk ready for the summer season, although all construction projects come with a weather qualifier.