Now that summer has officially ended on the Outer Banks it’s time to talk about the really important things, like what to do now that summer is gone.

Actually, it’s not that bad. There’s still a lot to do, especially through October, and the nightlife isn’t bad at all . . .  which brings us to the subject of this blog.

Located in Kitty Hawk, Trio may be the best place to go for a glass of wine on the Outer Banks. Or beer—because they have a huge selection of that as well.

What sets them apart from everyone else are the wine dispensing machines. Twenty-four wines ready for tasting with the option of a 1oz., 2oz., or 4oz. pour.

There are also 24 beers on tap at all times—and these are beers that are not seen very often, micro brews and European selections that rarely make it to taprooms.

Very nice sandwiches as well, and huge selection of hard to find cheese from around the world that often end up on the cheese platters.

There are two floors of seating—the upstairs is particularly nice with couches and cushioned chairs; couple that with live music almost every night, and you have a winner.

Open year ‘round too . . . which makes it even nicer.