Admittedly today is not the greatest day here on the Outer Banks—winds from the NE at 30 mph, occasional gusts to 40 and a lot of rain. If there is such a thing as a silver lining to the endless stream of clouds, it's that we’re at the southern end of a nor’easter that’s going to track up the coast tonight into tomorrow.

It’s cold, wet and all around not the best weather, but compared what is forecast for our neighbors to the north, we’re getting off easy.

The Weather Channel has even given this storm a name: Winter Storm Cato. Not sure what the A and B names were, but evidently this is the third winter storm of the year.

Tomorrow—Thanksgiving—is looking a lot better for the Outer Banks. The northern end around Corolla may have a little bit of spitting rain left into the early morning, but for most of us, it looks like a cool and windy day with lots of sunshine. A good day for being inside with family and friends, eating too much, maybe watching some football and generally remembering there is much to be thankful for in our lives.