Jobel as Michael Jackson during his Jackson Five days.

Wow, wow, wow and wow again! Just got back from the Who’s Bad Tribute to Michael Jackson at  Waterside Theater, which is the Lost Colony stage. Who’s Bad bills themselves as the best Michael Jackson tribute band around and it would be hard to imagine anyone topping the show they put on.

Headlined by Joe Bell, or Jobel as he is known, the show was high energy from first to last, with great choreography, stellar musicianship from the band and Jobel’s voice is pitched perfectly to take perform Jackson’s hit list.

And that hit list is extensive. The show draws heavily on Jackson’s best known songs, but there is an entire set given over to the Jackson Five.

Jobel, wearing an Afro wig, isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, but when the music starts he is all business about making even the bubblegum pop sound of the the Jackson Five come alive.

This is a really high energy show and it really brings home how diverse Jackson’s music and performance was.

The evening was a little hot and muggy—it is summer in North Carolina—but the rains held off for the last Waterside Concert Series performance for the year. As a way to wrap things up, this was as good as it gets. Particularly nice was seeing so many kids in the audience . . . all of them dancing just as hard and fast as their parents.