Kitty Hawk Lifeguards get ready to move a lifeguard stand back from the encroaching surf.

Kitty Hawk Lifeguards get ready to move a lifeguard stand back from the encroaching surf.

We have a couple of days of windy weather and big surf here on the Outer Banks. There’s a strong northeast wind blowing off the ocean. Coupled with what has been a very active storm season pushing waves ashore, the result is dangerous surf conditions and 8-10’ waves.

Down on Hatteras Island at the S Curves and the north end of Hatteras Village there has been some overwash at high tide. Unfortunately conditions don’t look to improve until sometime late Monday or Tuesday.

Here on the northern Outer Banks—north of Oregon Inlet—the wind has been holding steady around 20 mph. There’s some gusts that are stronger, although nothing has quite gotten to gale force yet.

The beach is taking a beating, though. However, it’s important to note that ocean beaches are dynamic. It may look as though a lot of sand has been lost, but within a few weeks, the sand typically returns.

Although the Atlantic hurricane season has been active—very active—to date, we haven’t had anything approaching the Outer Banks. Hopefully it will stay that way. Hopefully the storms between the US coast and Bermuda. Or better yet, to the east of the island nation.

Outer Banks Filled with Visitors Checking out the Surf

We have a lot of folks down here on the Outer Banks right now—almost as many as we had during the summer. The weather we’re having right now is kind of inconvenient, but there’s still plenty to do.

A lot of our visitors have been heading out to the beach just to see what it’s like. Seeing the power of the ocean in such raw state is truly awe-inspiring.

Waves eight, nine or ten feet are hard to imagine until they’re witnessed. And for tomorrow, Sunday, there are forecasts or 12-14’ waves.

But in a few days, the seas will calm down, the winds become a breeze and fall on the Outer Banks will be back.

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