Here’s something different to do while here on the Outer Banks—wine tasting. More specifically, wine tasting of local wines.

There’s two ways to accomplish this. Head up to the Whalehead Club in Corolla where you get a chance to sip wine from Sanctuary Vineyards by the Cotton Gin on the mainland, or try some of the wines from Vineyards on the Scuppernong in Columbia.

The other way is to take a trip to the vineyards themselves. 

Anybody coming through Hampton Roads on their way to the Outer Banks passed Sanctuary Vineyards. John Wright, the vineyard manager, is part of the same family that owns the Cotton Gin—and for anyone who has not been to the Cotton Gin, that’s worth a trip all it’s own.

John has about 20 acres in cultivation now, almost all of it vinifera (wine) grapes. The vines have about 10 or 12 years on them now, so the grapes are producing wines of increasing complexity. The Coastal Collage—a dry red wine— is a personal favorite.

The Vineyards on the Scuppernong are out there in Columbia—which is a good 100 plus miles from the Outer Banks. Definitely a day trip for anyone heading that way.

They are concentrating their wines on the muscadine grape which is native to the southeastern United States. Although usually made into a sweet desert wine, the winemaker at Vineyards on the Scuppernong is turning out some dry to off dry wines that are surprisingly good.