Coastal Craving winner. One of our favorites, seafood salad. Presentation and taste fantastic.
Coastal Craving winner. One of our favorites, seafood salad. Presentation and taste fantastic.

The 2019 Outer Banks Taste of the Beach is now a part of history. It was a good—a very good. No doubt when the historians record the event they’ll be sure to call out how much fun it was.

The two big events are the Wings & BBQ Showdown and the Outer Banks Grand Tasting & Bartenders Bubbly Bash. Both seemed to be sold out events so be sure to reserve early for next year.

The concept for both is pretty simple—sample some really tasty food from about 15 or so chefs, check a box for what you think is best then give serious consideration to going back for seconds.

Although, we will admit, just trying everything once is a daunting task.

We’re not going to call out all of our favorites, but there was one rib that seemed to garner universal praise…including ours. Aqua Restaurant and Spa won the People’s Choice, and the Judge’s Choice for Best Ribs. We agree. Slightly spicy, wonderfully tender with a fruit glaze. Tough to think of ribs as gourmet food, but those ribs could change our minds.

We were pretty careful about trying the bubbly with the Bubbly Bash. We did think the lemonade melon champagne cocktail was quite refreshing.

We really liked the seafood salad served in a cocktail glass from Coastal Cravings. Liked it a lot. That came in second on the People’s Choice and Judge’s Ballots. 

Great music too. On Saturday Jonny Waters and Company at the the Wings & BBQ Showdown. Sunday it was Soul One at the the Grand Tasting. 

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Winners: Wings & BBQ Showdown

Best BBQ – Pigman’s BBQ

Best Ribs – Aqua Restaurant & Spa

Best Wings – Pigman’s BBQ

Best In Show – Striper’s Bar & Grill


Best BBQ – Striper’s Bar & Grill

Best Wings – Jolly Roger Restaurant

Best Ribs – Aqua Restaurant & Spa and Coastal Cravings (a tie!)

Winners: Grand Tasting & Bartenders Bubbly Bash

1st Place – Striper’s Bar & Grill

2nd Place – Coastal Cravings

3rd Place – Jolly Roger


1st Place – Black Pelican

2nd Place – Coastal Cravings

3rd Place – Striper’s Bar & Grill


Black Pelican


Striper’s Bar & Grill


1st Place – Outer Banks Brewing Station

2nd Place – Red Sky Cafe