Heron Pond at Elizabethan Gardens Winter Lights.

Christmas is a time of tradition. That’s probably true just about everywhere, and it especially holds true on the Outer Banks.

One of the most special traditions are the Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island.

At any time of the year the Gardens are worth a visit, but on a brisk winter evening when the paths are illuminated by thousands of multi-colored lights, magic happens.

The statuary is imbued with shades of green, blue and red; trees seem to sparkle with the light of a thousand stars; and throughout the Gardens are scenes of heron ponds, deer and elves.

It is a wonderful experience and one designed for the whole family.

In the middle of the great lawn there is a fire pit. Standing around the fire pit there are always six or seven visitors holding metal prongs with two marshmallows on the end, carefully roasting them over the flames.

Mostly it’s adults, offering the excuse that they don’t want children to burn themselves, but the adults always seem to end up getting one out of the two marshmallows.

There is a large screen with the original Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer playing. Away from the Great Lawn, Christmas music fills the air and couples and children stroll along the paths, talking about what they have seen and stopping to take a picture or two.

Winter Lights does run until mid January, but for anyone who is looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit, this gets our Brindley Beach Vacations full scale recommendation. Click here to learn more about our Holiday Rentals in Outer Banks!