This map seems to accurately tell what’s happening on the Outer Banks right now. Note the arrow reading “storng winds.”

We’ve got a heck of a coastal storm happening right now on the Outer Bank. A couple of the weather gauges we checked along the Atlantic Ocean were giving wind readings between 50-60 miles per hour. Some of those readings were sustained winds, not gusts, so yes, this is a pretty powerful storm.

Seas are running somewhere between 10’-13’—at least that’s the prediction. We’ll check in the morning, but right now the weather is so nasty if there is not a good reason to be outside, we’re not going.

This is the same system that seems to have dumped 18” of snow in some places in the western part of the state. They got the snow and it looks as though the Outer Banks got the rain…and a lot of it…and the wind.

Luckily just about every building on the Outer Banks is built to withstand winds in excess of 100mph and we’re not even close to that threshold. 

The National Weather Service is predicting some soundside flooding. With the wind howling from the NNE, the northern Outer Banks where our Brindley Beach homes are located, should not experience very much flooding from the sounds, if there is any at all. Those winds from the north and northeast push the waters of the sound south so some areas of Hatteras Island may have some flooding and the mainland along the southern Pamlico Sound will certainly be impacted.

There is gong to be ocean overwash. There are some areas in Kitty Hawk and Nags Head that still experience that even with beach nourishment. Not nearly as bad as it once was, but the waters do find their way to the Beach Road in some areas.

Definitely a nasty night and it looks like some wind and rain tomorrow. A good time to crack open a good book, watch some football or basketball on TV or maybe just spend some time with someone special. Click here and check out some of our wonderful villa rentals in Outer Banks!