The WRV Pro World Surf Competition at Jennette’s Pier played out with some less than ideal conditions but an excellent show on the water.

Holding on to defeat a cast of international surfers, Asher Nolan, originally from Jacksonville, FL, took home top prize with Brian Toth hailing from Puerto Rico coming in second.

The weather was mild all week, but with winds from the north and northeast, conditions seemed difficult—a lot of chop to the waves and wave sets hard to read. The threat of rip currents and unpredictable surf brought out the red flags for swimming Friday-Sunday, but the competitors were finding some great waves to ride and were reporting that the surf had a lot of power behind it.

That showed up in the level of competition with some really spectacular rides.

Jennette’s Pier has become the go to place for surf competitions since it re-opened in 2011.

The next competition at the Pier will be the ESA Eastern Surf Competition September 20-26. 

An amateur contest, the ESAs bring the best of the East Coast to the Outer Banks for a week of competition. With contestants as young as eight or nine and body boarding part of the mix, this is a very family friendly event that brings visitors from Florida to Maine to the beach beside Jennette’s Pier.