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Outer Banks: Kitty Hawk Community

Kitty Hawk offers a unique and relaxing environment for the entire family with its rich history and traditions. Consisting of a traditional village, beach community with residential homes and a large maritime forest reserve, you will share in the feeling that development should remain on a human scale and in harmony with nature.

The origin of the name Kitty Hawk is still a matter of local debate but most people agree that it’s a Native American name for this area meaning “a time or place to hunt geese.” The word originally appeared on English settlers maps in the early 1700’s as “Chickehawk” or “Chickahawk”. By the late 1700’s, old land deeds referred to these settlements as “Kittyhuk”, “Kittyhark”, “KittyHawk” and “Kitty Hawk”, which is how the local residents spell the name as we do today.

When Orville and Wilbur Wright were looking for a site for their aviation experiments in 1900, a Kitty Hawk citizen, Mr. Tate, assured the Wrights in a letter that Kitty Hawk would provide the ideal location for their experiment. He also encouraged Wilbur: “If you decide to try your machine here and come, I will take pleasure in doing all I can for your convenience, success, pleasure and I assure you that you will find hospitable people when you come among us.” This tradition still lives on today in Kitty Hawk.

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