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Mini Golf – Lost Treasure Golf Kill Devil Hills


The Outer Banks of North Carolina have long been a barrier island destination that’s packed with potential when it comes to stunning landscapes, amazing dining and fun shopping options as well. While there’s so much to do and see, the Outer Banks is also a vacation destination that’s steeped in rich history. Many aspects of the Outer Bank’s history are derived from the sea and those that sailed upon it hundreds of years ago. With stories as intriguing as they are mystifying, it’s not surprising that a trip to the Outer Banks comes with its fair share of homage paid to the pirates, explorers, and settlers that first called this area home. The details of these captivating stories sink deep into the culture of the Outer Banks, even being infused into family-fun destinations such as mini golf in Kill Devil Hills, NC. When you’re looking for an exciting vacation activity that incorporates a challenge alongside historical references, look no further than an afternoon or evening spent at Lost Treasure Golf in Kill Devil Hills.

Play with History

Located at 1600 N Croatan Highway in Kill Devil Hills, Lost Treasure Golf is a great and fun follow up to a visit to the nearby Wright Brothers Memorial and an exciting way to step back even further into the island’s history. Once you’ve decided if you’ll play one or two rounds on the dual 18-hole miniature golf courses, you’ll be taken to the first holes on by mining train. The train is as fun as it is relevant to the story that has long been told about this area.

This mini golf course follows the story of a professor turned explorer with plenty of room for imagination to fill in the gaps. In the 1920s, Professor Duffer A. Hacker led a series of expeditions this direction in search of both pirate treasure as well as the answer to what happened to the disappeared colony of Roanoke Island. Throughout the course of his searches, Professor Duffer A. Hacker discovered a mining train that proved useful in piecing expeditions together.

Guests to Lost Treasure Golf in Kill Devil Hills begin their adventure with a train ride that takes them to the first holes in much the same manner. As you make your way across the course, you’ll be on a hunt of your very own for treasures and answers made that much more intriguing with the addition of bright and colorful course features that never fail to fascinate.

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