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Lighthouses – Ocracoke Lighthouse


Travelers with a taste for the beach enjoy making the most of the sand, surf and sun provided generously to guests of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Those who enjoy encountering amazing animals like wild horses find just the tour their looking for in this dynamic destination. Still others who appreciate charming boutiques and a variety of savory restaurants can enjoy the Outer Banks for its many delicious dishes. While the fun and entertainment are seemingly endless, the beauty of the Outer Banks often lies within its historical roots. An epicenter of maritime culture, the Outer Banks is home to a number of beautiful and important lighthouses that still guide vessel passage today. Of all of these, Ocracoke Lighthouse stands out as the oldest in North Carolina and continues to draw visitors in year after year. Whether you’re a history buff with a passion for the past or a visitor who is interested in the beauty of lighthouses, the Ocracoke Lighthouse is a must-see on the itinerary.

A Tale of Time

Located at 360 Lighthouse Road in the fishing village of Ocracoke, on Ocracoke Island, Ocracoke Light is a beauty to behold. Standing the test of time, this lighthouse reaches 75-feet into the sky and it’s 1868 cement whitewashing still greets visitors in stunning brightness today. With a diameter that fluctuates from 25 feet at the base to 12 feet near the top, the design of this lighthouse is an impressive feat of architecture from the mind of Noah Porter in 1823. The lighthouse is integrated into the greater Cape Hatteras National Seashore and still functions as a beacon of marine navigation. While the lighthouse was originally fueled by oil lamps, the early 1990s brought about a technological transformation and today, the light emitted can be seen by vessels over 14 nautical miles out at sea.

Planning a Visit

While the Ocracoke Lighthouse is not open to the public for climbing, it’s a popular destination for those who are looking to encounter lighthouse history at its finest. Ocracoke Light makes an idyllic place to capture memories of your trip to the Outer Banks and the nearby lighthouse keeper’s quarters are worth taking time to explore as well.

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