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Farm Markets – P1 Provisions (Farm Bags)


We are excited to share that bags of local produce from farmers in our community are now available for purchase for your upcoming stay! New this year you can add eggs from happy hens and local shrimp to your purchase!

Here is how it works:
1. Visit P1provisions.com to pre-order your produce bags. Click here to pre-order your VSA Bag.

2. A few days before your arrival the farmers will email you a list of the bag’s contents so you can plan your provisions. These are fresh, healthy, and delicious varieties of local foods grown, picked, and prepared the day before your arrival by farmers in our area.

3. Upon arrival you can pick up your produce bag in a convenient location. You can buy bags now and they will be available for pick up upon your arrival. The best little roadside farm stand is now
just a click away. We thank you greatly for your support of our community and the farmers that grow our food.


Vacationer Supported Agriculture products are supplied by local farmers and shrimpers in partnership with NC State University and local community organizations.

Our “Local produce bags” are being prepared by Seth Saunders Farms in Camden, NC, who will aggregate product from neighboring farms and ABC2 member farms. The bags are filled and made available for pickup on Monday mornings at a convenient location near your vacation rental. Each bag will contain a little more than 10 pounds of fresh produce, fruit and herbs. This typically amounts to 12 servings of fruit and vegetables for the week. We will reach out to you a few days before your vacation to share what’s in season in participating farms so you know which items you can expect in your bag.

This year we were also able to secure access to a limited number of local “Happy hen eggs” by the dozen.

This project aims to support the livelihoods of small farmers and shrimpers and fulfill vacationers’ desire for fresh local foods. Every aspect of the P1provisions experience is designed to facilitate a mutually-beneficial partnership between discerning vacationers and local foods producers. Please look at our terms and policies for details.


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