Our New Brindley Beach Vacations Corolla Office.

Now that the excitement of the new year the Great SnOBX is gone—except for the bitter cold, and that will be gone too as well, it’s time to look back over the 2017 and reflect on what w the major event on the Outer Banks.

Of course the big event from our Brindley Beach perspective is our new Corolla office that we opened in June exactly two years to the day from when our original building burned to the ground. The building is spectacular, the grand opening party marvelous and goes to show that setbacks are just an opportunity to do better.

Of course our new office was not the only major event of the year.

Concerned about the potential for damage to buildings and infrastructure, Dare County and the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills got together to fund one of the largest beach nourishment projects in North Carolina. Now that it’s completed and there have been a couple of storms, it looks as thought the beach is holding up well and doing what it’s supposed to do—protect property, roads and other infrastructure.

Speaking of infrastructure, at long last, a replacement bridge for the Bonner Bridge is taking shape and should be competed in the fall of this year.

There were some very interesting natural phenomenon occurred this year as well.

Shelly Island formed off the point at Cape Hatteras. It’s not an island any more, and scientists, being the spoil sports they are, correctly predicted it would eventually reconnect with the land. Properly called a cuspate foreland, the formation of a raised sand bar at the end of sand cape like the Point is fairly common. What was not common, though, was the size of Shelly Island.

We suppose into every life a little rain must fall, and under that heading the closing of Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head certainly qualifies. An icon of Outer Banks restaurants and entertainment for 32 years, Kelly’s will be missed.

Overall, we have to say 2017 was a good year, and we’re thinking 2018 will be even better.