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Doug Brindley

Title: Owner, President, General Manager
Office: Corolla
Direct Office: 252-253-3685

A Little About You: Grew up in WV, left in 1972. first time on the OBX was 1963. Graduated ECU 1979 with athletic scholarship in swimming. Worked as CPA 1979 to 1984. Moved to OBX in 1984, the rest is history.
Brindley Beach Employee since: 1984
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Duck Donuts
Favorite Restaurant: Bananas Nevis
Inspired By: Joan and Raegan
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Travel

Whitney Hawkins

Title: General Manager
Office: Corolla
Direct Office: 252-253-3186

A Little About You: Born in Sacramento California, I moved to the Outer Banks in 1999. Grew up in a real estate family and after graduation from UNC Charlotte, began real estate career in sales and property management.  Owned a boutique real estate sales company for 20 years before joining Brindley Beach. I have two grown boys and a dog named Wally. I LOVE the outdoors! 
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Henrys
Favorite Restaurant: JK's, Arts and Sanya
Favorite Quote: "People never care how much you know until they know how much you care"- T Roosevelt 
Inspired By: My parents and Husband
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Gardening, Traveling, Time with Family

Kami Trusz

Title: Operations Manager
Office: Corolla
Direct Office: 252-253-3580

A Little About You: I grew up on the Outer Banks until my family relocated to Washington State.  I came back to the Outer Banks to work for a summer in 1997 and never left. I began working for Doug in 2000 and have been here ever since. Living the dream! Go Sea Hawks!
Brindley Beach Employee since: January 1, 2000
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Arts Place
Favorite Restaurant: Bernies
Favorite Sport/Team: Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Mariners
Inspired By: Tacos
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Lazy summer pool days

Jennifer Paddock

Title: General Manager - South
Office: Frisco 
Direct Office: 252-888-0835

A Little About You: Born and raised on Hatteras Island my roots run deep in Hatteras Sand! Raising my sons here has been my greatest joy. There is magic in the warm sand and beautiful sunsets and I love sharing that with visitors and clients. I'm excited to share with the entire Brindley team all that I know about the wonders of Hatteras Island.
Brindley Beach Employee since:
Favorite Breakfast Spot:
Sonny's Restaurant
Favorite Restaurant:
Breakwater Restaurant
Favorite Quote:
"Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day." — Dalai Lama
Favorite Non-Beach Activity:
Sharing life with my boys and my husband

Frazier Holden

Title: Corolla Rental Manager
Office: Corolla
Direct Office: 252-253-3729

A Little About You: I was born and raised on the Outer Banks. I moved to Wilmington NC to go to college and ended up staying there for about 20 years. As the town grew bigger, I started missing the small town feel of my hometown. I am happy to call the Outer Banks home again!
Brindley Beach Employee since: August 2019
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Brunch at Salt Box Cafe
Favorite Restaurant: JK’s
Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’” – Audrey Hepburn
Inspired By: Kindness
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Spending time with my daughter and traveling

Patti Morrison

Title: Duck Rental Manager
Office: Duck
Direct Office: 

A Little About You: Born and raised in WV and then moved to Germany,  found my way to  the OBX in 99 and  started working in property management.
Brindley Beach Employee since: September 2023
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Waves Market & Deli
Favorite Restaurant: Owens
Favorite Quote: Find something positive in every situation 
Inspired By: Family 
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Bicycle Riding & walking

Cindy Hardin

Title: Kitty Hawk Rental Manager
Office: Kitty Hawk
Direct Office: 252-253-3010

A Little About You: Born and raised in Charlottesville, VA, I grew up vacationing with my family on the Outer Banks since my childhood. My husband and I fell in love with the Outer Banks and knew we wanted to make this place our home! You can find me on my days off on my jet ski, or on the beach soaking up the sun or looking for sea glass.
Brindley Beach Employee since: 2016
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Arts Place
Favorite Restaurant: Sunset Grill
Favorite Quote: One day at a time!
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Bird watching, Kayaking

I.G. Scarborough

Title: Salvo Rental Manager
Office: Salvo
Direct Office: 252-888-0383

A Little About You: I am a Hatteras Island native; I grew up in the village of Frisco (Historically known as Trent). I attended college in Greenville, NC at PCC and ECU with concentrations in Architectural Technology and Construction Management. After graduation I lived in the Greenville area for 12 yrs working in the engineering department for the city's utility company. I moved back to Hatteras Island in the early 2000’s and finally found my calling, helping the areas vacationers and vacation homeowners create great memories and achieve their dreams.
Favorite Restaurant: Dinky’s Waterfront in Hatteras Village
Favorite Quote: “You can't know what you don't know.”
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Wood working and construction projects.


Emma Muir

Title: Finance Manager
Office: Duck
Direct Office: 252-253-3123

A Little About You: Originally from Wales, United Kingdom moved to OBX in 1996 after graduating with Masters in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, England. And I LOVE dogs.
Brindley Beach Employee since: 2009
Favorite Restaurant: Black Pelican
Inspired By: Dedication and hard work.
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Enjoy many outdoor activities including fishing, boating, jet skiing & snow skiing when not enjoying the beach

Jodi Sherman

Title: HR Manager
Office: Duck
Direct Office: 252-253-3599

A Little About You: I grew up in the Tidewater area of Virginia and moved to the Outer Banks in 1990 to raise my child in this beautiful environment. Managed a hotel for 20 years before joining the Brindley Beach Team in 2012.
Brindley Beach Employee since: April 2012
Favorite Restaurant: Josephine’s Sicilian Kitchen
Favorite Sport/Team: Eagles
Favorite Quote: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” — Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Enjoy camping with friends

Ben Albert

Title: Maintenance Manager
Office: Corolla
Direct Office: 252-253-3674

A Little About You: Born in Texas (go Cowboys!) Love to eat steak & seafood and vacation in the Tennessee mountains. I like to get out in the boat, float and fish.
Brindley Beach Employee since: 2010
Favorite Restaurant: 3 Tequilas & Fuji
Favorite Sport/Team: Football/Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Quote: Everything happens for a reason
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Boat Riding & Fishing

Beth Henson

Title: Maintenance Manager - South
Office: Frisco
Direct Office: 252-888-0593 EXT. 7051

A Little About You: Born and raised all over the place, but once I found Hatteras Island there was no going back. 22 years later and I’m still having a blast showing newbies the ins and outs of the Island. 
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Orange Blossom Bakery and Café
Favorite Restaurant: Buxton Munch CO.
Favorite Quote: “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” – Bob Ross
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Reading, gaming, watching entirely too much Netflix.

James Skinner

Title: Laundry/Housekeeping Operations Manager
Office: Nags Head
Direct Office: 252-253-3499

A Little About You: U.S. Navy Veteran. 2014 Executive Housekeeping Manger In the Nation. Brindley Beach employee for 26 years and a dedicated employee. Started from laundry and made it to the top position of housekeeping and loved every minute!
Brindley Beach Employee since: 1996
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Cracker Barrel
Favorite Restaurant: Long Horns
Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Quote: What you go through, can help you get through
Inspired By: My Family
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Playing music

Taniyia Skinner

Title: Housekeeping Manager - North
Office: Duck
Direct Office: 252-253-3381

A Little About You: I’m a vibrant independent mother of a energetic 3 year old. I have high aspirations and goals. I find solace surrounding things that are family oriented.
Brindley Beach Employee since: I’ve been with Brindley beach full time since Aug. 2021
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Another broken Egg in Raleigh NC
Favorite Restaurant: I enjoy Japanese cuisine
Favorite Quote: “Your choices are made in a moment, but their consequences will transcend a lifetime” - MJ Demarco
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: I consume myself with activities in the beauty industry when I am not living my best beach life. 

Jennifer Scarborough

Title: Housekeeping Manager - South
Office: Frisco
Direct Office: 252-888-0379

A Little About You: A 6th generation native of Hatteras Island. I have strong roots with the people and places here. My time in the U.S. Army gave me a strong sense of teamwork and getting the job done.
Favorite Breakfast Spot: Dunes in Nags Head (never miss a chance for those waffles!)
Favorite Restaurant: Hatteras Sol
Inspired By: Anyone working hard with a smile.
Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Curling up with a book and my dogs.