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Guest Testimonials 

BBV Guest

Went by the office to pick up our beach bag (2nd time staying this summer ) and wanted to say whoever cleaned our home did an exceptional job…totally spotless!

Janecek Family

Had a few minor issues with the Wifi at our rental. Greg at Brindley stepped up to get the issue resolved for us quickly (including a drive up North to pick up a mifi for the unit). Rental experience has been seamless and the unit is in a great location!

Owner Testimonials

John, Property Owner

Laura and I changed Management companies in January 2023 and have enjoyed our best experiences yet. We have personally met with Doug, the owner, and have had great conversations regarding the island and changes it is going through. Doug takes pride in his community, company, and staff! The staff have been exceptional to work with. They always keep Laura and I informed of concerns regarding our homes, make us aware of changes, or fixes, we should make which allow us to react quickly to ensure our guest experiences are the best they can be. Thanks to the dedicated cleaners that Brindley has servicing our homes we have had no complaints of cleanliness this past year. Responses in the books where our guest can write personal reviews and the reviews on Brindley’s site have all been very positive. We want to thank Doug and his staff for providing stellar support to our guest and to us. Without everyone’s help and support we could not make our homes what they are today.  Thank you!

Derrick & Luayne, Property Owners

On a very positive note, we found page after page in our guest comment book that really touched us.  We love it when other families have a great time at Brigadune  -- the same kind of positive memories we have from 36 years of time here.  We are just thrilled when people paying substantial rental fees thank us for being able to stay in our home.  And we credit Brindley Beach for zero complaints about the condition of our home – in fact, one of our happy guests specifically praised the cleanliness of Brigadune.  That has not always been the report in recent years before putting Brigadune into the Brindley Beach program.  

A good year.  Thanks.

Stan & Suellen, Property Owners

Our pool team told us how we've had good guests this year.  They said that's because of you...  They said your company has a great reputation and your team is always on top of situations before they become problems. 

I also want to thank your housekeeping crew and maintenance team. I had an opportunity to speak w/our housekeeper on Saturday - she was most helpful and conscientious.  The house was clean and ready for us before the official check-in time.  She took pride in her work and cared about our house, which made us feel special.       

Your maintenance team has been great.  I saw that there were a couple of issues in the house, which you all resolved in a timely and effective manner.  They even walked thru a couple of items w/me.  They're always friendly and super knowledgeable.     

Thank you! 

Mary Hope, Property Owner

Now, that everything is settled with the sale of my home on Miller Court and I can take some time to express my thanks to you and your Staff. Working with Brindley Beach for the years as an owner continued to be so positive. I felt that I was not one of hundreds calling for help, but was the only one. Putting together a strong Staff takes an even stronger LEADER. Thank you!

It was sure a pleasure to work with Edith. From the first time I met her, she was very professional, positive, knowledgable of the market, realistic, responsive, and sold my house! She was wonderful holding my hand through the experience. She ALWAYS responded to a call usually within minutes…and on a rare time or two, if she didn’t, I would worry that she might be sick. She is indeed a DIAMOND on your Staff.

While I will not miss the challenges of owning beach property, I will miss all of the wonderful people at Brindley Beach. It was a highlight of my time on the OBX.

Eileen, Property Owner

Excellent service! Technician was personable & efficient & quickly removed the rental lock & installed owner lock. Thanks much to all of you.

Reg, Property Owner

You and the entire Brindley Team made owning our property and keeping it rented and dealt with any issues promptly and efficiently. I doubt I could have managed it without your help. Thanks to EVERYONE who made our ownership possible.

And of course, if our travels take us to the OBX in the future, our first call is to Brindley for assistance.

Francie & Joe, Property Owners

You and your entire Brindley staff need to be congratulated for running such a successful season as we all maneuver through these strange Covid-19 times. When you think that in addition it wasn’t all that long ago that you guys were coping with the consequences of the fire, you guys have certainly become stars at stepping up to the plate!!

Karen & Mike, Property Owner

Thank you for always being incredibly responsive. You made me feel we really had a team. Thank you for always acknowledging me even though I rarely used the correct house ID!

You were lovely to work with.

Carol, Property Owner

I want to commend Cindi and Ben for going above and beyond in helping me this afternoon. My A/C had gone out last week at my condo and Vendor had to order two parts for it on the 5th. B/c of the virus they are saying everything is delayed and now found out the parts won’t be shipped until next week and then when they receive parts they will repair my system.

Long story short…. Cindi asked if they found portable a/c would I want to get them…. I told her yes and she immediately contacted maintenance to see what they could find. By this time it was close to closing time and didn’t know if they would be able to get them until tomorrow. Well, Ben stepped up to the plate and got them there by this evening and installed since my son and daughter-in-law will be there until Sat. when renters come in. They are very grateful since today it turned hot and humid.

I know everyone complains all of the time but I wanted you to know how much the two of them are appreciated and gets recognition.

Glenn & Gloria, Property Owners

The upcoming rental season has been amazing for us. We have almost the entire summer booked. We have never had this many bookings so early. I believe it is due to the great work your staff does. Reservations, Maintenance and Brindley Beach Construction (Jesse & crew). They all work together very well.

Sharon Lowery, Property Owner

I would like to thank you for the wonderful Spring Clean and refreshing stay we just had at our home. I appreciated and enjoyed the organized kitchen, plush towels and well made beds. This excellent work did not go unnoticed and I really want you to know how much I appreciate this!

Stephanie & Don, Property Owners

We arrived early this afternoon and the house looks great!!! We did our best to stay out of Shanna’s way since she does such a marvelous job cleaning. She treats our house the way we would treat it.

Thank you for all that you do for us!