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Do you love spending time with your dog? Your dog gives you unconditional love and affection; don’t they deserve a vacation too? There’s nothing like observing your dog’s reaction to the beach and ocean for the first time, will he jump in or go running scared? Will he spend the day digging for crabs or looking for the perfect fetching stick? Our wide-open beaches have plenty of room for our 4 legged friends and we offer over 130 pet friendly vacation rentals in Outer Banks NC. We’re “human friendly” too, so you don’t have to give up the vacation amenities you cherish like private pools, theater room, air conditioning, cable TV or shopping, and fine dining. Please read our Pet Policies page which also has great tips for traveling with your pet and booking your Outer Banks rental. We’ve made our website easy to navigate with just a few clicks to find one of our best Outer Banks pet friendly vacation rentals!