Creating an Artrageous poster

Creating a poster for Artrageous.

In an earlier post we mentioned how much there was to do this weekend and we already wrote about wrote about the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival. The other big event this weekend was the Dare County Arts Council’s 25th Annual Artrageous.

Artrageous is all about art in the community, especially as it effects kids and with spectacular weather on Saturday and a full slate of football and soccer games at Rec Park where the event was held, the turnout was huge.

It was just a wonderfully fun day with multiple tables and booths set up with kid’s activities. Face painting of course, but there was so much more. Farmdog Surf School in Nags Head donated a longboard for kids to decorate, Project Purple—a drug prevention program in the high school had a table, there was music, there was dance and it was a fantastic day.

Personal choice as the best place to see kids channeling their creativity? The table where children could create their own Artrageous poster.