Power Play Band–great sound, great dance music at the 25th Annual Brindley Beach Owners Weekend.

We’ve had a lot of success over the years here at Brindley Beach Vacations and that success is a direct result of the great relationship we have with our property owners.

That’s why, every Columbus Day Weekend for the past 25 years we have held our annual Owners Weekend as a way to say thank you.

Last year Hurricane Matthew threw a monkey wrench into our plans, and we were able to get a little bit of celebration in, but never did quite get the full two days of food, fun, music and oysters.

We made up for that this year with our biggest Owners Weekend yet.

With over 600 properties for visitors to choose from and our great staff, it’s no wonder Brindley Beach is a leader in vacation rentals.

That’s the business side. The fun side is when we can all get together and celebrate with friends, and that’s what we did on Saturday and Sunday. Added to that, we were able to introduce our owners to our new offices in Corolla, and the response was an overwhelming, “Well done!”

Saturday night we had music and dancing thanks to the Power Play Band from Virginia Beach. Talented musicians who understand how to get feet moving. Some of our favorite images from the evening were kids dancing the night away with parents.

The food from Metropolis in Corolla was typically amazing. There was wine, beer, mixed drinks and soda, of course, for the kids.

The result was a great evening for everyone.

We always follow our Owners Evening with a Sunday oyster roast…and wow, did we put down some oysters.

The weather was perfect—if anything a bit warm on Sunday—the company of friends marvelous, and now it’s on to more success this coming year. Click here and check out our awesome short term rentals in Outer Banks!