The South Nags Head White Trash  Marching Band and Beach Chair Drill Team.

Just because Mike Kelly has closed his signature restaurant doesn’t mean the party has come to an end. There is nothing quite like the Kelly’s Annual St. Patrick’s Parade, and this year’s edition may be the best ever.

Unfortunately, the Grand Poobah for the 29th Annual version of the parade will be with us in spirit but not in person. For years Ernie Bridgers was the heart and soul of the South Nags Head White Trash (SNHWT) Marching Band and Beach Chair Drill Team.

If anyone group or band has come to symbolize the joy and freedom of Mike Kelly’s parade, it has been SNHWT with their rhythm pounded out on trashcans and somewhat precision moves with beach chairs.

Ernie passed away this past year, but his spirit will live on. SNHWT will lead the parade this year..and that alone promises to up the game.

The Kelly St. Patrick’s Parade is unlike anything else out there—a one-mile route along the Beach Road in Nags Head, if there is any one theme it is to enjoy life and laugh with others.

There is, however, an official theme this year—Red, White and Blue and a touch of Green.

The parade kicks off at 1:00 p.m. somewhat promptly on March 18.