Alma, second foal of 2020 season, and her mother Orlando. Photo Gene Flood of Corolla, NC.

Alma, second foal of 2020 season, and her mother Orlando. Photo Gene Flood of Corolla, NC.

The second Corolla Wild Horse Fund foal of the year has been seen in Carova. This one looks like it was born about a week ago. At least that’s what the folks at CWHF are telling us.

The mother—and father in this case—are pretty protective so it’s a bit hard to know whether it’s a boy or girl, but early indications are it’s a filly.

For the record the mother is Orlando, and Alma, that’s the name of the foal, and mother are doing fine. The father is Rambler.

There’s a certain amount of comfort inn knowing the herd is still growing, if slowly and that nature is continuing to run along just fine.

Every colt born this year will have a name beginning the the letter A as a way to remember Amadeo who passed away in March of this year. Amadeo was 40 when he died.

The Story of Amadeo

In his prime Amadeo was quite the stallion, gathering and keeping a harem for a number of years. A harem is small group of mares that a stallion has gathered.

As he aged though, he was unable to fend off younger stronger stallions. Over time he weakened and finally lost his sight. As he became weaker he was taken to a rescue farm the CWHF maintains.

Amadeo may have been the best known horse of the herd. He was regularly the horse that the staff took to events.

Even though he was blind Amadeo had a very gentle disposition and was not easily startled by people approaching him.

He was not a particularly large horse, which is trait of the Spanish Colonial mustangs.

Having the first letter of his name does seem like a good nice way to remember a wonderful ambassador for the herd.

As we mentioned in our last post, Dare County is starting to think about how the Outer Banks can be reopened in a manner that is safe for our visitors, workers and residents. We’ll keep you posted and look forward to welcoming you once again to our Brindley Beach Vacations homes.