Yellow-bellied sliders basking in the February sun.

Yellow-bellied sliders basking in the February sun.

It was a beautiful day on the Outer Banks. The temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s, the sun come out and there was a wonderful light breeze.

Days like this are a reminder of why the Outer Banks can be so special.

There are quite a number of places to go on a day like today on the Outer Banks. There are all the maritime forests. Pea Island can be special. So can Bodie Island with it’s trails and wooden boardwalk.

There is, though, something so simple yet so special about Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk, that it just seemed perfect for a day like today.

We have written about Sandy Run before. And we’ll probably write about it again, But it truly is a little gem of a town park.

The loop trail that circles the marsh and pond in the middle of the park is not quite a mile long. It’s a boardwalk and packed dirt path, so it is perfect for little legs as well as their parents.

And today the park was filled with kids and dads and moms. It is so wonderful to hear the excitement and wonder in the voices of the children as they take in the beauty of the surroundings.

The Search for Yellow-Bellied Sliders

Usually as the weather gets a bit warmer the yellow-bellied slider turtles come out in force. Today, not so much. Usually they’re basking on logs  and pocosin next to the boardwalk. Maybe the water is still a little bit cold. Or it is possible that after all the rain we’ve had, some the turtle’s favorite resting spots are underwater.

There were some, but they were a little ways out into the pond, basking on logs in the sunlight. That, too, became part of the excitement as the squeals of delight from children when they spotted the turtles filled the air. All part of a beautiful day.

The Outer Banks offers so much for families. It is truly the ideal location for a family vacations. Let us know at Brindley Beach Vacations when you are planning on visiting so we can make sure you have the vacation home you want in the best location.