Just one week left to get your tickets to the best beauty pageant ever. That’s right, the Brindley Beach Vacations Outer Banks Womanless Beauty Pageant is coming up on April 20 and if you haven’t ponied up your 50 bucks, you need to do it because this is a beauty pageant that redefines the definition of . . . beauty.
Ticket information, ticket sales, which charities are benefitting this year, all of that information is at Dee Buchanan’s finger tips at 252-261-2222.
Of course there is much more to do on the Outer Banks than just checking out the most bodacious and beautiful women (?) to ever tromp down the runway.
It’s a lot of fun to laugh with 11 men in dresses looking like they escaped from a Hollywood costumer’s nightmare. But the fact is, all of the contestants are doing this because they believe in something bigger than themselves, and the funds they are raising have meaning to each of them.
The belief that some things are bigger than the individual is certainly the case with the 5th Annual (and final) Illuminating Hope Affair coming up on May 5 this year. When Jessica and John Lenhart lost their daughter, Elizabeth to SIDS they felt the best way to heal was to do something about it. 
Illuminating Hope is their answer. A wonderful day of great food, drink and amazing music the event is held on the grounds of Aqua Restaurant and Spa in Duck, a generous  donation of time, effort and space from Lynette Sumner, owner of Aqua. Proceeds are donated to First Candle, an organization that is (in the organization’s words) “ . . . working to ensure that every baby is given the best possible chance to reach not only his or her first birthday, but many happy birthdays beyond.”
Tickets are $25, kids are free and it is a very kid friendly event. Contact Aqua for ticket information (252-261-9700) or John Lenhart at 252-619-5279 or johnmlenhart@yahoo.com.
Mike Dianna, owner of Mike Dianna’s Grill Room up in Corolla, is one of those people who believes that the way to make a community better is to know what’s important and to be involved. Combining his love of music with his belief that the wild mustangs of Corolla should be able to continue to roam free, he has created the Mustang Music Festival (www.mustangmusicfestival.com) and it’s companion day of music, the Mustang Spring Jam, May 19 this year at the Timbbuck II shopping center in Corolla.
A great day of music for the whole family, the Spring Jam puts more emphasis on local musician than the larger Music Festival in October, but the local musicians are so good, there’s no let down in talent.
Something a little different that Mike is doing this year–he’s asking the musicians who are performing to visit local schools and perform for the kids. Andy Begona was at Waterside Charter School in Corolla this morning and his performance was everything that is best about music in schools. The kids were excited, inspired and involved, singing along and clapping. A great day for everyone to be in school.